Why Lucidity?

Authenticate the most important things that make your media tick

Confirmed by blockchain.
Trusted by you.

Impressions and clicks. Brand safety. Viewability too. Ensure all the signals that matter most to your campaigns are real and reliable.

We cross-reference and match every relevant signal from every touchpoint along your supply chain. More signals means more reliable data to measure campaign performance and power your decisions. That’s the blockchain magic.

Your numbers should match. It’s confusing (and wasteful) when they don’t. We match them for you using blockchain technology.

The ability to have access to a transparent, clean set of data from across the programmatic supply chain is game-changing.

Tom Scott, Media Director

We work with what you work with

Already using third-party verification and viewability services? No worries. Our tech was built to work alongside your current marketing stack and pull everything together in one dashboard. Think of us as your secret weapon to maximize your working media.

Blockchain provides us visibility into a unified, verified set of data and gives us a better understanding of what impressions or clicks are potentially fraud or breakages along the supply chain.

Nancy Inouye, Media Director

Wave goodbye to discrepancies

Discrepancies clue you in to what’s wasting your advertising dollars. Find the media that suffers from auction games, domain spoofing, broken integrations, or bot traffic, and remove it from your media plan.