2019 Ad Transparency Report

Discover the impact of blockchain in digital advertising

Transparency became digital advertising’s official rallying cry in 2018. Brands, tired of wasting money due to unseen inefficiencies and fraud, now demand greater and more reliable intelligence on their digital spend. In response, Lucidity partnered with over a dozen brands and agencies to run a series of first-ever blockchain-powered ad campaigns for greater supply chain transparency.

The 2019 Ad Transparency Report gathers the findings into a comprehensive analysis of blockchain’s ability to fight fraud, eliminate waste, and deliver better outcomes for marketers. Download the report to learn: 

  • The role of blockchain in digital advertising
  • How blockchain technology can be used to identify and optimize against waste and fraud
  • Where discrepancies in your campaign data come from
  • How to increase traffic and conversions with supply chain transparency
  • What a confirmed metric is and what that means for your campaigns
  • The power of the consistent and transparent enforcement of measurement standards
  • And more…

2019 Transparency Report Download