Meet our self-serve analytics dashboard.

But we like to think of it as your personal ad campaign doctor. Built to help you diagnose what’s working and what isn’t in your campaigns.

Introducing Confirmed Metrics™

Our platform's specialty is computing Confirmed Metrics™ for all your campaigns - which is a fancy way of saying that we surface the metrics the supply chain agrees upon.

You hate waste.
We do too.

We'll point out any media with high levels of discrepancy, allowing you to move your budget towards better performing media in real time.

Your most important details, all in one place.

All of your event-level data is organized neatly in one place. Not only can you see which campaigns you need to focus on, but the details within each that deserve the most attention.

And of course Lucidity is

Easy to use

Lucidity has the features you need to get stuff done. And setup is a breeze. Paste our tracker and you’re off and running. No lengthy or expensive integration required.

Setup campaigns quickly

Upload in bulk

Customize table metrics

Download the data you need

Compatible with your most essential tools

Have a favorite DSP? SSP? Viewability vendor? Splendid. We love your tools as much as you do, and want to make sure you can use them with our tech. We play well with others.

Built with blockchain

Our high throughput blockchain software allows our customers to trust what they see. Blockchain provides transparency for the confirming and computing of metrics.

You get auditable, event-level data that confirms you’re getting what you wanted and highlights when you aren’t.

Well, the tech is fast. Using fancy technology like sidechains and Plasma, our platform handles the scale of digital advertising while maintaining the privacy advertisers need.

No, I think we are done here.